IMGS has consulted with the following companies on various projects.

Genesis Minerals Limited
The Ulysses Project (Au), Northern Goldfields, WA

Minerals: Gold

Alloy Resources
The Horse Well Gold Project (Au) Warburton, WA

Minerals: Gold and cobalt

Lodestar Minerals
The Ned’s Creek project (Au), Bryah Basin, WA

Minerals: Copper and gold

Kingston Resources Limited
The Misima Gold Project (Au), Misima Island, PNG
Arunta Project (Li) Arunta, NT
Bynoe Project (Li) Litchfield, NT

Minerals: Gold and lithium

Bryah Resources Limited (Au, Cu)
The Bryah Basin Project (Au, Cu), Bryah Basin, WA

Minerals: Copper and gold

Breaker Resources NL: (Au)
Lake Roe Project (Au) Goldfields, WA

Minerals: Gold

Renegade Exploration
Yandal East Project (Au), Warburton, WA

Hexagon Resources
Hall Creek Project (Au, Ag, Cu), Kimberly, WA
McIntosh Project (Graphite), Kimberly, WA

Spectrum Metal Limited
The Penny West Gold Project (Au), Youanmi, WA